The Tribe

Lucy is a mongrel.

Her main activities include chasing pigeons, cats and sniffing everyone who enters the gates.
She expresses her love with a waggle dance.She epitomises unconditional love and is an integral part of our existence everyday.

Vinayak has spent the last decade understanding how artists work, makers make and craftsmen keep their craft alive at grassroots. His interests involve observing the impact of craft on evolving cultural identities in the age modern design.
He is passionate about creating more value from less for more people through his work.

Yash brings a rare mix of art, craft and design. He is hands on with the craft forms he works with. He draws inspiration from culture and storytelling as a part of his creative process.
At Zikwa he overlooks various aspects of design, documentation and operational details.

Saroj is a grassroots individual.She has hands on experience in stitching and likes to experiment with different materials and techniques.
Saroj is currently honing her skills to take on leadership roles within the organisation.

Sadanan is a traditional potter and has been practicing his craft for the last two decades. He finds peace and calmness working on the wheel.
He often works with his wife Sushmita and together they not only make a wonderful couple but a great team while working on projects.

Vijendra is a fifth generation master block printer from Bagru. He focuses on using age old techniques of natural dying and printing, making the craft and textile more sustainable in the era of mass produced goods.
He is a process oriented master artisan with a passion for meticulous detail.