the tribe

Tribe Zikwa is about human beings first and everything else later. As a tribe we co-exist and continue to grow everyday making geographical boundaries irrelevant. 

In New Delhi, India, we are  individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. We often don't think alike but we feel alike about why we work together. As a group we are less perfect, more human. 



Vinayak Thanvi - Founder


nosedive into the smallest of details to keep it together and moving


We all come into this world with our fists closed and we bring along gifts in those closed fists. We leave this world with our hands open and give away all our gifts. The purpose of our existence is to discover those gifts and ways in which we can share it with the world. I have discovered two gifts yet, "ideas" and "storytelling" and i share it with the world through zikwa everyday. Have you figured out yours?

my dream

Traveling around the world without a passport.



arnold david - design

Design. Period. 


It is is now!

my dream

Having the skills to communicate with everyone on this planet.


Elisa Cravero - New Alliances 


Coordinate the Italian chapter of Zikwa. My main responsibilities are to spot, build and sustain new partnerships in Italy to promote Zikwa's interest. I am also involved in organisational strategy and planning new initiatives. 


Gifts should always be shared unconditionally. I believe my smile is my biggest gift to this world. 


Mindfully getting involved in projects that impact lives of people everyday. I want to leave behind a long lasting imprint in this world.


tribe beyond borders