Zikwa is a for profit,  socially responsible lifestyle and home decor brand. Through design and business innovation we create sustainable opportunities for small local enterprises, fair trade organisations and artisans locally and globally.

We look at ideas, people, cultures, design and human behaviour all as dots. The role of our business is to connect these dots and make consumption more meaningful and mindful for all involved. The inclusive manner in which we connect these dots keeps evolving every day, and along with it, the way that we envision our purpose of existence. 

zikwa is a "for profit" social enterprise that works "not just for profits"

We innovate and design unique  products for corporate gifting and retailing. We strive hard to make gift giving a bit more meaningful and business transactions less twisted. We use our profits to sustain ourselves and the projects that we initiate under zikwa.org 
At zikwa we strive  to keep business, design and our entire eco-system focused around simplicity. Our philosophy is to create more value from less for more people.

We believe that the quest sometimes is not about being different but it's about stating the obvious that we cannot see.